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a grief

Monday, March 22, 2010

in sorrow there must be a joy.
In this I am fun, really saved the grief
Profound grief, lost hope, lost hope.
Although all have been resolved, I still do not get happiness.
Is this eternity, or just a bouquet of God for a victory!!
Only a sheet after sheet of time it became Answer!!

Theatrical life

Sunday, March 21, 2010

in our lives should be able to act as a full human being .. Like the lotus plants .., sikapilah life, like the .., anywhere.
Like a rose, perfume attitude without hypocrisy, to anyone.
like a fish alive, hit the water fast without stopping, whatever the outcome.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Top entrepreneurs who are now his name appeared in various media businesses, often do not ever think of the stages in the realization of ideas. In fact, many are also assuming that if you want to entrepreneurship not have to plan things, will instead run aground in the middle of the road.

Perhaps many are making various plans but plans only limited to the plan, so that its realization is a big zero. If this happens on a presumption of being correct. Whereas, in theory, any small business still requires planning in order to realize the idea of a more mature business.

The purpose is to create a business plan to ensure appropriate business operations and provide impetus to the plans the department or division. It is also to decide on a route that takes the organization in achieving its purposes as well as set the standard for business performance mementukan. What is important is to gain support from consumers, investors and even the other parties.

In perspective, at least there are some standard procedures in order to realize the true business ideas in the form of a business plan to realize business. Namely: generating ideas, screening, development and testing concepts, marketing strategies, business analysis, product development, market testing, and commercialization.

In other words, a business plan to realize the idea has become a very important thing in business. May be obtained idea is brilliant and wonderful, but still must be assessed in many ways, especially aspects of economic, technical, and its future.


These aspects include market analysis, sales, production costs, and profit margin.Faktor very important, because it affects the decision to realize the ideas into real businesses. This aspect will examine the extent to which the level of profits, the market absorption capacity that exists and has the capital to run business operations. Despite extraordinary idea, but if the calculations are losers, yes why? Therefore, you should understand well, how do you generate income, and how much it costs to be issued.


This aspect is very important to measure the ability to run the business well. Does the existing capital, was able to produce goods or services that can be sold? how about the ability of its human resources? whether all the power that can provide added value to the consumer better than similar efforts else? A good business plan, will provide better opportunities, while minimizing the possibility of business failure.


This aspect will be studied more comprehensively about the future of your business. Not until, we know that the business they work at a seasonal business, but planning is applied for a permanent business. This course will be disturbing the technical aspects. Not to mention the expectations of consumers who will always be more developed and up to date. Would we be able to run a business that will absorb this market? This is an important aspect that must be considered carefully and poured in a business plan.

Once again, you do not believe the suggestion that said "forget the business plan, just run it," because you can kejeblos the business jungle uncertain. It's better if you test the feasibility of your business plan to people who are more successful and more experienced in business, and then you become successful.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

E-mail is not just a tool for communication but is a tool that can be used for promotion and sales.

E-mail is the weapon for online marketers. Why not add your marketing strategy via e-mail to reach many people in addition to offline marketing activities are you doing?. The problem is, the more people who receive e-mails, the less people pay attention to the contents of each e-mail tsb. This is true as most amateurs do with the system of "hit and miss" in the newsgroup or the discussion group.

So to be different, online marketers must try to attract the attention of the candidates kastemernya. The argument that they often say is:

"If I yelled louder and more frequent, certainly SAMPLES candidates would listen to me."

Indeed, it's true. They might hear you. However, what their reaction and their response to the flood of e-mail? Would they be happy? Or otherwise they will say by sending an e-mail through the "Get me out of your e-mail and do not send more!"

Five of the following is the fault of the marketers that they use amateurs in their e-mail. (One should distinguish between e-mail campaigns and email newsletters containing. These two things are very different.)

1. E-mail campaigns are too long.
Some e-mail promotions tend to be too long before it reached the destination. This causes the recipient must do "scroll down". Because let's remember that e-mail address is not the only e-mails to their inbox, and your words should be short and "to the point". You know the results? The result few are sending a reply to you.

2. E-mail Campaign Demanding too many.
It is also often done by e-mail writers, they are not asked to offer a number of items or any product or service and does not focus on one core offerings and the many options presented recipients of unsolicited items.

3. Too Often.
Some people argue that the key to e-mail marketing that works is the frequency. Therefore they send promotional emails as often as possible. Indeed, it seems so. In traditional marketing to keep your advertising message in mind, you must often show as often as possible. And in the offline marketing, it is supposed to, but online marketing is completely different. You can imagine that the community has too often bombarded with commercial messages on TV, radio, and newspapers Reklame, then you bombard them via e-mail. As a result you will get a bad reputation and they will miss your e-mail away without reading it and will ignore it at a later date when receiving e-mail too.

4. E-mail campaigns are not directed.
This also is a frequent mistake made by amateurs, because the e-mail cheap, they forget the need to implement the strategy of segmentation and targeting the relevant target market. The result was a prospective SAMPLES You have absolutely no interest in your offer, it is the same as selling your heater in the wilderness and no one is interested in your offer, so important you do e-mail campaign to
the right target market.

5. Writing E-Mail Campaigns that are not good.
Reading the text is very well written and easy to read fun. Write a clear, simple and full of respect. E-mail writing campaign is a bad major obstacles that the ith recipient to pour their attention on the post e-mail. So give more attention to writing your e-mail. Make sure you have good technical writing, do meditation and not in a hurry. Inbox is a private place, and that's where you can find your SAMPLES candidates and talk to him individually. So when writing an e-mail campaign will not follow the rules above, your e-mail address will not be read. Principle, is not too much to ask but more to buy. Shoot your e-mail carefully, make a focused and directed at one goal. Jump to a point in question and not rolling, rolling. Make sure the writing has a quality value and the ratio of the contents of your e-mail is 80%: 20% means 80% of the useful and 20% of your bid. In other words, if you will respect this time owned by reader e-mail address, then they would be otherwise by giving more attention.

Fuck You Guys..!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sengaja aku posting dengan menggunakan bahasa indonesia.., agar apa yang aku critakan dapat langsung dipahami oleh temen2 saya yang bersangkutan...!!

Hari ini, adalah hari yang sangat mengerikan bagi diriku.., esok aku harus menghadapi masa yang sulit, dan sepertinya saya tidak akan kuat untuk menghadapinya...,,

Disamping itu, bisnis yang aku jalani merosot drastis.., aku terlalu gambling dengan usaha aku yang aku bangun ma temen terbaik aku mas sigit.
Kami dihianati, ditusuk dari belakang oleh seseorang yang slama ini aku anggap penyelmat dan malaikat bagi usaha aku yang lain.., Dia adalah seorang leader salah satu perusahaan yang maaf, saya tidak bisa menyebutkan namanya..
Fuck You Boy,.. untuk seorang yang udah menjerumuskanku dalam keadaan ini..

Buat temenku mas sigit.., Percayalah mesti hari ini aku sakit, dan bisnis kita bangkrut.., Percayalah bahwa Tuhan Tidak akan leri dari kita, karna dia sudah membawa kita sejauh inji..
Percayalah bahwa suatu saat Kita akan sukses dan bersama-sama menertawakan apa yang terjadi Hari ini...,,

The Power Of Missions

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can someone run a life without a clear mission? Sometimes a lot of people around us who make decisions without bothering to think long about what he wants to accomplish in her life. Many of us do not flog yourself to find answers as to why he behaves in certain situations. For example, parents who divorced because of emotional and angry at your partner, without thinking of her son and daughter nasih. In this situation we can meilihat that the priorities to make their child happy, safe and comfortable, not be the basis of a decision. There was a company owner who grew up with his company, then sell it and reap huge profits from the acquisition of the company. Once acquired, it no longer looked serious work on enterprise development and to stop investing. Here we might wonder, what the mission of the owner? In this situation, he could still influence the employee to continue to innovate? Would he then be able to answer the collective interests of other stakeholders?

From this situation we can see how someone can lose their way and power is not clear if the mission itself. In leadership situations, the followers will be confused by a leader who is not clear where the team will be taken. In contrast, leaders who have the intellectual mission of subordinates, can act decisively, even hard, to his men who are reluctant to learn. My friend, a successful businessman, principled: "Just the company, people, and the industry must move on". Sounds like a tagline GANEFO Sukarno era, "Onward, never retreat". However, clarity of mission that makes all the employees so do not dare to not forward, active and aggressive in his work.

Includes mission
I think we need to go back to realize that the mission is more powerful than just money. The story of Chris Gardner raised his glass to the screen saying: "Your pursuit determines your happiness." We can actually check out, whether at the end of life we'll be saying: "I did what I was created to do. I contributed to this world in a significant manner. "

Every time our actions lead to the achievement of the mission, we must necessarily feel happy and enjoy life more and more to our mission. With a clear mission, we can ward off the temptation is stronger, whether it is wealth, office and facilities. The mission will automatically become a benchmark that makes us become more evident in decisions and actions. Mission can be said like a magnet that prevents us "stay on track".

10 ways to satisfy customers

Friday, March 12, 2010

1. Accessible.
Customers must be menggandalkan you, or someone within the company, if they have questions or they need your services. Provide several ways for customers to contact you, such as email, phone, e-mail, or fax.

2. Respond on time.
Make a policy to answer the phone or e-mail within 24 hours. And if you can not commit to that, then set a time frame that you can manage and let customers know they can rely on you to inform them in a given time.

3. Listening to your customers.
Often when customers call or write a complaint, they just want to be heard. In fact, sometimes, you just need to listen. Take time to listen to what customers are saying before you respond or defend your product or service. And they will understand.

4. Treat customers with respect.
Although existing customers on the phone acting irrational, rude, do not lower yourself to their level by doing the same thing. Treat everyone with respect and vice versa you will be respected. Plus, you never know someone's having a bad day, and you receive the effects (we all do).

5. Do not argue with your customers.
You can never win an argument with a customer. Because, if you win, you seemed to alienate your customers and lose business with them. We all know that if the customer is not always right, but instead focus on what is wrong and defend yourself, focus on how you can solve problems or improve the situation.

6. Honor your commitment.
If you say you'll answer the e-mail, then the answer. If you offer a warranty, then respect that. There is no one thing more quickly damage relations with customers other than promising something and not deliver.

Last week I got an e-mail from a client who then made me realize how much of this. Here's what he wrote:

"Thank you very much for your quick response and comprehensive. Personal interest, attention and enthusiasm is evident. Many business owners who promised to respond and answer it personally, but they seldom do ... "

Yes, I need time to answer e-mails. But I promised to give email support to all clients who purchase 10 Step Marketing System and is therefore important to honor that commitment. If I'm to the point where I no longer able to respond because the volume of requests or other time commitments, I will stop offering these services, not just stop responding.

7. Do what you say.
If you said you'd call someone on Tuesday, then call on Tuesday. Simple as that. If you want customers to trust and believe in you, you have to follow what you say.

8. Focus on customer relationships, not sales.
The success of your business in the long run lies in your ability to build relationships with customers in the long term. If you sacrifice the relationship to generate short-term sales, your business will be short lived.

9. Honest.
Do not exaggerate the results obtained from the product or service. Do not promise things you can not meet to generate sales. I saw in many of the current web; fast-paced everything. This obnoxious people in buying the product, and then the product is not delivered. Are customers will come back to buy from these places? No demikan. Being honest and open with what could be your products and services.

10. Admitted if it makes mistakes.
No one is perfect. We've made a mistake; this part of the study. So, when you make a mistake do not try to cover up or deny it. Acknowledge and if necessary, do something to improve the situation. Customers will appreciate it and they will become loyal customers.

looking for business ideas

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The starting point of an entrepreneur's success begins with excavation business ideas. Many stories of businessmen who are consistent in the business of "not considered" before, now a successful businessman whose name is taken into account. How to explore business ideas tips?

Digging business idea is not an easy case. When a prospective entrepreneur to think: what I will do business? That's when problems begin to explore business ideas emerge. Not to mention the question: whether the products I sell, will menghasiklan money? And, the next question: what services will be offered that could provide a larger income?

Theoretically, a business idea can be extracted from what could be seen, be heard in our lives everyday. Even economists have divided human needs into various kinds of needs began to be primary, secondary, to tertiary. Business ideas can be selected from the effort to fulfill these human needs.

The problem, for those who have not been in business, find business ideas that could provide alternative income is not an easy matter, though not impossible to obtain. Willpower needed to foster entrepreneurial spirit, willing to learn new things, to seek opportunities, dare to try the formula business, and of course learn to manage risk.

Indeed, often the idea of running a business just when we are not prepared to accept. And vice versa, as was thought and dug, often a business idea did not come-come, even until the dead end any thoughts, business ideas did not occur at all.
However, it does not mean a business idea can not be lured out.

Some of these steps, hopefully can help you to find business ideas that fit with the character and your pleasure. However, to do business in accordance with your character would be more fun,
compared with the business because of compulsion.

Learning from failure.

Nothing wrong with learning from a failed business. Why? because there is a possibility that we could begin with success. Business failures of other people do, is an important lesson for you to correct the wrong path to be right and better. However, learning from the successful one is highly recommended, because then you've learned to start a system that has proven successful.

Read the latest information.

At this moment a lot of books published on entrepreneurship and business opportunities, so you can choose freely, what a business with you. Business Opportunity Even tabloids, which routinely provides information about business opportunities can refresh your mind to explore business ideas are fresher and bigger.

Finding business ideas.

From the information going to get a lot of business ideas. For example: to serve the needs, sell retail, sell inventions, duplication of efforts, selling skills, business training, agency business, collectibles, open office consultant, MLM business, buying a franchise, prospective business purchase, buying a bankrupt business, open a kiosk, or any effort.

Of course, the problem does not stop there, because when an entrepreneur can capture business ideas as a business opportunity that can make money, then he should be able to take into account various aspects of cost-benefit if the business idea started. Including the risk of failure - the worst had happened.

At least, there are two perspectives that must be considered if business ideas catch.

First, the information collected about your business successfully should be complete and accurate. Even better, if the fit is very precise, because the data and information obtained is very complete and up to date. This is important, to minimize the risk of failure.

Second, the decision-making processes faster, does not mean that the decision in a hurry, but must be careful with the pattern of open-minded and positive, as well as planning, thus making any decision made could be more systematic and measurable.

Welcome to the new entrepreneur


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Everything start from a dream. The sentence is true. Many successes that began with a dream. No exception Soichiro Honda, the King of the Road. Earlier, I emphasized the dream is meant here is not wangsit or revelation, but about the dream or wish. Let us examine, how great the power of dreams.

Soichiro Honda was born in the village Komyo, Shizuoka, Japan on 17 November 1906 from the couple Gihei Honda, a blacksmith, and his wife Mika. Soichiro Honda was born the eldest of nine brothers. Living in a modest family and remote areas which lack facilities and medicines to make her life was not easy. But he has a very high dreams.

Since childhood, Soichiro Honda has shown his love of machinery and automotive. Before entering school, the little Honda has been helping his father repair agricultural equipment in the workshop of his father. He also could stand for hours just to observe the workings of rice milling.

In his school years, Honda is not a good achievement children. Ulangannya values ugly. He is also often absent. But actually he mamiliki talent in science class to learn about the machine. With easy, he can catch his teacher explanation.

8-year-old Keika, Honda desperate 10-mile bike ride so far only to see the aircraft. And he was so pleased when he saw a car passing in the village. At the age of 12 years, Honda managed to create a model bicycle with foot brakes.

At the age of 15 years, Honda moved to Tokyo to find work. He received the Hart Sokay Company, initially only worked as a cleaning service and concurrently his boss babysitter. Until finally the owner to find talent in the field of Honda engines.

He was nimble and genius in that engine trouble with his boss happy. 6 years he worked at the company. At the age of 21 years, his boss wants to open a branch in Hamamatsu, and Honda was chosen to lead the branch office.

In this branch office performance improved. He always refused to accept reparations that other garages. His work was quick and precise. Honda did not hesitate to work till late at night, without compromising creativity.

One fruit of creativity is the discovery of alloy with the metal fingers when he was 30 years old. In those days, the cars still use the wheel with wooden fingers. The radius of this wood, but not good at damping vibration, is also highly flammable. The discovery of this Honda became the first patent.

This discovery makes Honda wants to build their own business. He left the company where he worked in 1938 and decided to build a piston ring manufacturing business. Piston ring homemade honey Toyota rejected because kaulitasnya deemed ineligible.

Honda was a failure. Failure to make he fell ill. His friends lamented pengundutran himself from the company where she worked before. But Honda is not the name that sank in failure. 2 months later, he rose again to capitalize dream.
To find the solution of the piston ring, Honda went back to school. Each home school, soon to shop Honda untukmempraktekan newly acquired knowledge. Honda did not criticize the president rarely because it is considered too long-winded, emphasize theory rather than practice. After two years as a student, he was eventually released because rarely attended.

Eventually his hard work bear fruit. Piston Ring Toyota earned his creation, which immediately gives the contract. When his dream almost came true, his intention to build the factory was forced diurungkan. The Japanese government is ready for war, did not provide funds to the industries. He was desperate not raise capital from a group of people to set up factories. Again disaster coming. After World War II broke out, the factory had burned twice.
However, Honda is not discouraged. He was rushed to collect their employees. They were ordered to take the rest of benzene cans thrown away by the United States ship, used as a factory set up. Once again the factory destroyed by earthquakes. Finally Honda piston ring manufacturer sells to Toyota. After that, Honda tried several other businesses. Unfortunately it failed.
In 1947, after World War II, Japan experienced economic condition is very alarming. To the extent that Honda can not sell his car to buy food for his family.
In constriction, Honda does not run out of ideas. The idea is to install the engine on a bicycle by using the former machines of war, which became the embryo of today's bikes. This Ciptaanya get a good response from the community. 24 September 1948, Honda Motor Company stand with its first product, called "Dream" with Honda corporate slogan is "The Power of Dream"

Although successful motorcycle, Honda had hit financial problems and even threatened bankruptcy. He was an inventor and a great mechanic, but not good at managing finances. This is then to reconcile himself with Takeo Fujisawa was a very influential on the next Honda business continuity. At that time 42 year-old Honda and Fujisawa 38-year-old.
Duet two men managed to make Honda dream and desire to reach the world. Finally, as we know, Honda products are not only being number 1 in Japan but also in various parts of the world.

Soichiro Honda, the employee is known as a tough leader. However, his attitude softened as the drinking sake together. One thing that deserves praise from his Honda is the attitude of the anti-nepotism in determining positions in the company.

Throughout his life, Soichiro Honda was known as the man who is always youthful. Although he was growing older, but his spirit never diminished. On August 5, 1991, Honda died at the age of 84 years due to liver disease.

Honda said: "People see my success is only one percent. But, they did not see my 99% failure ". Message Honda: "When you experience failure, start to dream, dream mimpikanlah new and try to turn that dream into reality."

Soichiro Honda proves to us that people who come from poor, ndeso, minimal education and little capital can also be successful, even rule the world. When he failed - he got up, when he had trouble in his findings - he learned. Honda is successful solution dare to dream, to learn, work hard, and unyielding spirit. Let's learn from successful solutions Honda.

Every time feel like a failure and despair, remember the philosophy of Honda: "The Power of Dream". Dreams can become the fuel that drives us to achieve success. Dare to dream, do something to realize your dreams, and never give up.

Coverage of this article can MOTIVATING useful and we all, Despite Some people think it is like drinking MOTIVATION Energy; which only increases our spirit for a moment ... then the effect is lost ..... As a human being, is very natural that we have changed the condition of spirit - change. Sometimes up, sometimes recede. We need to do is to keep our motivation level. Same with food or energy drinks before, when our motivation down, we can turn it back to 'consume' the sources of motivation such as reading books or attending motivational seminars