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Weeping Stone

Sunday, April 24, 2011

In a remote village, lived a girl and her mother. The girl was beautiful. Unfortunately, he's very lazy. He did not want to help her mother make a living. Every day she was just dressing up. Every day, she admired her beauty in the mirror. In addition to lazy, she is also spoiled. Whatever is requested, must be granted. Of course, this situation made her very sad.

One day her mother asked her daughter to accompany him to the market. "It's okay, but I do not want to walk together with my mother. My mother had to walk behind me, "he said. Although sad, her mother agreed. They moved them both down the hill hand in hand. The girl walked in front, the mother walked behind, carrying baskets.

Although they are mother and child, they look different. As if they did not come from the same family. How could I not? Her beautiful dress is very nice. Who's her mother's old look and dress is very simple.

On the way, no one greeted them. "Hi pretty girl, whether the person behind you is your mother?" Asked the man. "Of course not. He is the servant, "she said. How sad to hear her mother. But she's just quiet. His heart was crying. That continuously. Any person who greeted and asked who the old lady with her, she always said that aides.

Old-old mother hurt. He also prayed. "Yes, Lord, punish the child who is ungrateful," he said. Mother's prayer was heard. Slowly, her legs turned to stone. The change that occurs from the foot upward. "Mother, mother! Forgive me. Forgive me! "She cried frantically. The girl kept crying and crying. But it's too late. Her whole body was finally turned to stone. Even so, people can still see him shed tears. Therefore the stone was named "Stone Crying"

Situ Bagendit Story

Thursday, April 14, 2011

In ancient times there lived a wealthy widow, named Nyai Bagendit.

He lived in a village in West Java.

Nyai Bagendit have treasures abound.

However, he is very stingy and greedy.

He is also very arrogant, especially on poor people.

One day Nyai Bagendit hold salvation because his property multiply.

When salvation is in progress, there came a beggar.

The situation is very pathetic beggar.

Her body is very skinny and his clothes in tatters.

"Please Nyai, give the food a little slave," the beggar was begging.

Seeing an old beggar, dirty rags into his house, Nyai Bagendit was angry and expelled it beggars.

"Beggars shameless dirty, you go from my house," snapped Nyai Bagendit.

With a sad beggar went away.

The next day society preoccupied with the emergence of a stick stuck in the village street.

Everyone was trying to pull a stick.

However, nothing worked.

Old beggar who asked to eat at Nyai Bagendit reappeared.

Quickly he can revoke it stick.

Immediately exit the shower water is very swift.

The longer the water was getting heavy.

For fear of flood, the villagers were displaced.

Nyai Bagendit a greedy miser and would not leave his house.

He was very fond of his property.

Finally, he sank along with their possessions.

Another resident who survived.

Perhaps, that's the origin of the lake who later called Situ Bagendit.

Mandate: "So people do not be stingy, arrogant, and greedy of wealth."

Value: "Moral, in everyday life."

No humans are born perfect, so keep trying, never give up

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day is bright, a king asked his friend. The king was very happy because his friend was always optimistic in the face of life. Because of that, hopefully that day is good luck in hunting animals in the forest. Friends of the king in charge of carrying a rifle and bullets fill. At the sight of fire, so spirit of the king mounted his horse and asked the gun from his friend. Apparently bad luck befall the king. Rifle given his friend was not locked, the trigger was interested and the king shoot his own feet. The king fell, his right toe was covered with blood. As she moaned in pain, the king saw his leg broken thumb was shot. Her friend immediately dismounted and approached the king as he said, "Oh, that's okay. King could have been hurt more badly. This is not how. "Light of the king angry just to hear his friend say so. Immediately the king ordered the guards to enter his friend to jail. That's the penalty for causing the king lost his big toe.

Every few months, the king re-hunting. This time, because it was too excited, the group lost to the king through the state border. Eventually captured by local tribesmen, tribal cannibals. What a fear of the king, he saw several guards have been cut off and boiled. Until the time came for the king, he begged to be freed in exchange for property and territory in the kingdom. However, the people of the tribe of cannibals is not interested in the offer. Until finally, they took off all clothes and shoes king. They were shocked, talking loudly while pointing the thumb of the defective king. King knew of the movements of people were cannibals. Looks like they have a rule not to eat people with disabilities. It's taboo because it could aggravate the condition of their future offspring. Finally the king freed. More precisely, the king actually expelled from the tribe of cannibals that.

King walked to his kingdom as he reflected. He is the only survivor of his entourage. Along the way, the king remembered the speech delivered by his friend first, that accidents always have a good wisdom. Imagine what he has done to a good friend and always think positive. Arriving in the kingdom, the king rushed to the jail and ordered that his friend was released. How sad, the body of his friend is very skinny and his face pale. Although under such conditions, his friend still smiling at him. The king was deeply moved and immediately hugged his friend's limp body was. Sorry, that word is always spoken from the lips of the king many times. Then the king told the events he experienced recently with his entourage. "Friend, I'm so sorry. Apparently once you say is true. Loss of big toe was definitely a silver lining. Please you excuse me for the treatment you receive while in prison. "Hearing the story of a king, a friend was still smiling as he said," It's okay king. It's a good thing. "The king was surprised to hear that answer," How could you not nothing, while you in jail so starvation and forced labor. "Then his friend said, smiling wider," Of course this is a good king. If I'm not in jail, then I would join the group and go hunt the king was beheaded by a tribe of cannibals that! "

Well anyway, if we are able to my little patient, just be patient while waiting for the wisdom of what we experience, then we will become a more personal gracefully. This is what makes the author seeks full with the bounty of Allah to complete the manuscript. Always wished there was a door guidance in every word contained in every string of sentence of this advice. Awakened by the word of God, advice of the scholars and so was the rebound softly the words of D'Masiv, Never Give Up:

No humans are born perfect ..

Do you regret all that has happened ..

We'll never get a heavy ordeal ..

As if life meant nothing anymore ..

Thankful for all that is ..

Life is a gift ..

Stay live this life ..

Doing the best ..

God would not show ..

Greatness and power ..

For those of His servants who wait ..

And do not know despair ..

It is true, life is like a ladder that must go through. Not counted how many steps that have been missed. To be sure, there are still steps that continue to wait. We must do something to traverse the side of a better life. No silence, no deterrent then stopped. Step foot to keep climbing day. Lejitkan themselves to reach achievements. Strengthen the heart to welcome the divine blessing. There is a beginning, there must also end. If the destination has not been found, it is not just another travel option, but it became a requirement!