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♪ ღ ♪ Women In Aesthetics of Allegiance ♪ ღ ♪

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Faithfulness is a work of art of the human mind can be very happy that another human being. The price is not stated in a matter of dollars. And loyalty that is very, very rare for us to meet today.

Loyalty does not only apply only to the relationship of husband and wife, but in all the relations of the human heart complete with their interests.

Ask any human mind, how they will definitely need someone who can genuinely give allegiance to them.

But why on the other hand, when humans are placed in a position where he must fulfill the faith of others, or in other words, happy for other people, human beings often get stuck in to the temptation to play the fire about how loyalty is violated. That, however, the story goes, the devil will never stop making sinful man.

Therefore, from our own in the busy demands of others to always hold the trust and the trust we gave him, then why are not we better make ourselves as the best gift that they are happy. A good training that will provide a beautiful reality in practice fidelity, is when our own self-consciously understand the beauty of a loyalty.

Because personal fidelity is only owned by a noble, because it reflects the personal loyalty that is so widely accepted all the advantages and shortcomings of others. His soul led him broad smile and keep thinking positive about all that God has outlined to him.

Because only available for private devotion with a strong spirit. Look how graceful about how to survive the things which are presented to him. And was common when humans comes boredom, but a lesson in loyalty, has taught man that comes with the inner or complement it, to turn into a magical way in which the elegant, boredom will in turn it became a fun thing.

Because loyalty is only held by beautiful soul. How very difficult when someone is set on a situation where he must remain in a state of fidelity terkelilingi by the department of treason. It is bitter at first because of this, he was `forced 'to training heed his own soul and his heart, to keep the loyalty.

Being loyal is to give peace to anyone that we are faithful to him. Being faithful is still fun to anyone that we are faithful to him. Being faithful is an infinite gift for anyone who desired God to have it.

Then be owner of a patent loyalties, by a faithful servant of God who keep it straight, or try to always keep straight under any circumstances. What could be more beautiful than a temperament and behavior of a servant whose heart is submissive and devoted to Robbnya?. Fall up is definitely something in a self-trained to be faithful, but they certainly are, that a struggle must come to an end, and hopefully the end of the truly faithful are personal gain by Heaven. God willing.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This world will run faster toward destruction when teachers no longer understand how important he was to the world. Their job is not to impose its will on the disciples, but just open their eyes and membiaran discover his own world.

Soca ... How hebatpun yourself, never felt he had to become a teacher. Sampaikalah benefit from the knowledge that you know only just to remind yourself. Because a teacher should not take up arms and show dexterity, except when he was teaching science to her students.

Too east if today kaujadikan yourself as a teacher, are not you leave one little bit bitter trail to the top of the salty-bitter as life. Berlakulah as carve time period. Needless to hasty decision.

Fatigue is a partial test of patience. A Pandita should not call himself Pandita. You arrived at the top of the mountains as you browse through the valleys and you climb any steep ravines sharpness.

Indeed, at every threshold-threshold glory seeds of destruction are always available. So walk with a cloak of silence, because the world is so swift flowing temptation. Likewise tease you to quickly rid themselves of it should you intervenes.