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press and trade relations

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Understanding Press
Briefly press the notion Junaedhie according Kurniawan is the name for the publisher / company / related to the mass media or wartawan.Di in Article 1, point 1 of Law No. 40 of 1999 on the Press, confirmed that the Press is a social vehicle journalistic activities.

Press Function
According to article 3 of Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 40 Year 1999 on the Press. According to the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 40 Year 1999 on the Press, the press has an important function, namely: as infrmasi media, education, entertainment and social control; as an economic institution. The function of the press as an economic institution has a meaning that the function of the press must apply economic principles to the quality of the press and media employees welfare press publications increased and did not leave their social obligations.

Press freedom
Freedom of press is a means of society to obtain information and communicate, to meet the essential needs and improve the quality of human life. In realizing that press freedom, journalists Indonesia is also aware of the interests of the nation, social responsibility, community diversity, and religious norms. In carrying out the functions, rights, obligations and role, the press respect the rights of each person, because it requires the professional press and open to control by the community. To ensure press freedom and fulfill the public's right to obtain the correct information, journalists Indonesia needs a moral foundation and professional ethics as operational guidelines in maintaining public confidence and uphold the integrity and professionalism.

Immersed in the press The embrace commercialism. - By: Sultani
World press deeper and deeper in Indonesia commercial ideology, the ideology of freedom could reach the New Order power pascalengsernya. Unfortunately, the ideological shift that makes the mass media function as a means of public education is no longer the powerful features inherent. The presence of the press in a modern political system is a form of popular sovereignty, and became a very important element to creating a democratic society. Through the press, public space vacancies occur, either among society and between government and society, could be unbridgeable. The press as an instrument of communication that involves humans in large numbers as a forum for ongoing open dialogue between groups within society and between society and government.
Here the press plays a central role as a supplier and dispenser of information necessary to facilitate the formation of public opinion in order to reach consensus with or control the power of the state.
Free press would play a role as a forum for democratic dialogue, including providing opportunities for voice for this may be neglected. He also played a role as a valuable source of information, as a complement or even can also be a major tool for the educational process, as well as an effective tool to control the performance of authorities and the development process. Indonesian press freedom, as stated in Law No. 40 of 1999 on the Press, including security and legal protection and non-interference or coercion from any side of the press work. In addition, the national press is also not subject to censorship, banning or prohibition of broadcasting. In other words, under the new rules, freedom of the press as an expression of the human rights and political rights have legal guarantees. Under the current system of Reform Order, the function of the press should not simply a medium spreader of information, entertainment, and education, but also serves as a tool of social control.
Unfortunately, the press in this country, both print and electronic media, until now still struggling with many basic functions as a medium of spreading information, entertainment, and education. Both types of media that was already capable of reaching the majority of public users in providing information. At least, the majority of respondents were satisfied with the ability of this media in disseminating information to the public.
So is the entertainment functions carried by the media. Satisfaction of respondents to the entertainment aspects of mass media not only to what is presented by electronic media, especially television, but also from what they read from print media.
As for the function of education, respondents seem to believe still more than the print media electronic media. At least 57.2 percent of respondents were satisfied with their educational function of the print media can. While respondents are satisfied with the function of education provided by the electronic media is only 42.5 percent.
Appreciation of the respondents to the print and electronic media that reflects the high demand in the information society. Although the information obtained is packed in a perspective different, but of actuality, of objectivity, and neutrality of the media is always a measure of honesty in the media reveal the facts.
Measures against it, most (62.0 percent) of respondents rate, coverage by the mass media today is in accordance with the facts, while 33 percent of respondents rate the opposite in fact. Likewise with the question of proportionality coverage. For 51.9 percent of respondents, the media nowadays is proportional in preaching an event. However, this opinion is opposed 43.1 percent of respondents, who see the current mass media tends to exaggerate the preaching.
Problem alignments media, more than half of part (53.7 percent) of respondents rate the current mass media have reported a balance in the event, while 42.5 percent of respondents responded to the contrary.
However, the success of the press did not necessarily make the Indonesian press is free from negative excesses arising from freedom of the press he owned. Press ideals clash with the interests of internal and external press releases are always conditioned the position of Indonesia in the dilemma. This is the classic problem that always plagued Indonesian press during this.
The role of the press is so large in the formation of public opinion to make this institution is always in conflict with government interests. In the New Order era, the press often forced to accommodate the interests of the government or forced to deal with the authorities if the ideals of freedom maintained.
However, it seems the press is now able to enjoy the freedom. At least, more than half of part (52.6 percent) of respondents felt the media are now free from the influences, especially pressure or intervention authority. However, 43.6 percent of respondents even feel the influence of the government is still strong enough for the mass media. In contrast to the authorities, political influence even felt strong enough in the life of the press today. Half of the respondents feel this.
Relationship interplay between the press and the outside itself, as expressed in this poll, giving the assertion that there is no absolute independence of the press life. This phenomenon can be seen from the orientation of the press today. Most of the respondents rate the current mass media tends oriented than the commercial aspect of the press as a political ideal of liberation.
This tendency can be seen from the phenomenon of news media does today. For electronic media, to pursue a high rating, the program is a sensational event, the content of public education to a relatively low, the more often offered to the public. Elements of pornography, violence, until the mystical one published. Most (64.5 percent) respondents admitted concern with television shows that contain violence.
According to some respondents, showing scenes of violence on television at the time of this reform was excessive. Likewise with the impression that smelled of pornography. More than half of part (58.0 percent) of respondents admitted that it had exaggerated impressions. The same concern was expressed by 58.6 percent of respondents to the delivery of television mystical. A similar tendency occurs in the print media. Although not as bad as that display electronic media, the public remains concerned about the appearance of the news that smells pornography, violence, or mystical.
That freedom of the press Indonesia faces today. On the one hand, its existence reflects its social responsibility for society and the state, but on the other hand, its existence even feared destroying the moral of this nation. This is the press that produces euphoria press Indonesia to face a variety of characters like now.

The size of the latest netbook

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The size of the netbook revolution in the world continue to evolve, from 7 inches and 9 inches, which later moved to 10 inches. In 2010, the trend is certain to change again.

In the next year, vendors who control the netbook segment as Asus, Acer and others will be competing to make a netbook with a 12-inch sizes. Of course, this makes the competition between netbook with laptop getting heated.

"Netbook with 12 inch sizes may be sold at a price of five percent larger than the average current price of USD410, with 20 percent ditiap profit engine," explained CEO of Canalys Steve Brazier, like disitat The Register, Monday (30/11/2009) .

Change this trend, according to Canalys market supervisory agency, due to the netbook segment in 2009 with 10-inch standard sizes experienced a decline, though not to cause a decrease.

Fortunately, netbook sales could still be saved thanks to the ARM-based netbooks and always connected to 3G network premises. This technology also will become a trend in the year 2010.

How to motivate yourself

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1. The only time when you should not do something is when you're angry.
2. Sometimes in life, one must be willing to step back to prepare for stepping forward.
3. The strongest motivation is the motivation that berlandasankan feelings of love or affection.
4. Success is the result of the integration work of the brain, the liver, and hard work.
5. Best friend in your life to accompany the course is especially yourself.
6. Your success is your own responsibility. Similarly, your failure Alami.
7. True friends are those who approach you when others leave you.
8. We have no other is what we ourselves think, feel, and do.
9. The best gift for a friend is the warmth of your heart.
10. Your best friend is a place to get yourself the best mirror.
11. Problems create opportunities for you to be creative and be a winner.
12. I am looking for friends, but did not find seorangpun.Saya become friends, and friends were everywhere.
13. Sometimes there is no harm in making mistakes, but mistakes do not just collect it, do repairs.
14. Your time is your opportunity, your time is your life. Use your time for the best things useful.
15. Yesterday I Mersa well. These days I'm good. The next day I'll feel even better and greater.
16. There will be no health-thousand steps if not dilakukan.Maka first step, go, do not delay.
17. A winner is like a mengepakan eagle flying wings in the sky crashing all odds.
18. Meets these demands at home plants require sunshine brightness. Employees at the office you need the brightness of his boss's face.
19. Only those who do more, which deserve more.
20. In reaching the target, the choice is entirely up to you. Stepping gingerly because of doubt or moving steadily in the belief.
21. As leaders, we live like under a microscope. Everything that we do or say, not apart from the observations of our followers.
22. Teachers in the school classroom. But surely, the best teacher is our own experience.
23. As soon as you say, "No way", you have half a defeat.
24. To get a true friend, be a true friend.
25. The most important open how long we work, but what we have done a long time along it.
26. Open each new day with gratitude to God for what He gave for you and your family, and then close the day with a prayer of Thanksgiving.
27. Maybe we are not the same. However, our goal, of course, the same: SUCCESS.
28. To achieve success, remember to be willing to do better than what you paid, rather than expecting paid more than what you do.
29. Before you get angry over weakness a person, doing the ten count, the count of ten your own weaknesses.
30. When a person makes mistakes, it shows he has done nothing wrong sesuatu.Apabila, it could be because he did not do anything.
31. Someone who has a lot of time to worry is someone who does not have time to be successful.
32nd. The stars glittered bright because there is darkness around it.
33. The potential will only mean that if implemented.
34. Basically there are two goals in life. First, achieve what we want. second, to enjoy what we have accomplished.
35. If we find people to stop trying in desperation, that means we find someone who decided to not work.
36. Each person not only proud of excess bullet himself, but even should be proud, though should still be humble.
37. Legality of the greatest people often do is make mistakes.
38. The biggest problem is when you discover how much you do not have problems in life.
39. Habit of reading it is like giving vitamins and nutrients go for mental sebagaiman go for your body.
40. Losing money can be overcome by health bekerja.kehilangan can be overcome by a rest. loss of knowledge can be overcome with learning. However, if you lose the time you will actually lose.
41. Do not make small plans, because it has no meaning in your spirit burning.
42. How we perform as individuals will determine how we perform as a nation.
43. You are two kinds of people in the world, namely the actor and reactor. Most people are re-actor, who is only doing to react or menaggapi an event. He did not take the initiative.
44. God grant me the ability to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can change, and the wisdom to recognize the difference.
45. When you petrified others to change, grow, and find his own ability, you have given added value to the quality of life.
46. Those who want to ask is someone who "stupid", for five minutes. While those who do not want to ask a stupid person for life.
47. A leader must be pitched Optimistic in the face of pessimistic voices.
48. Conversation is the practice of alternating two berbicara.Sedikit people who will listen to others, because usually he's busy thinking about what he'll say next
49. Life is full of risks and problems. but also full of joy, luck, and joy.
50. Leaders should be rewarded if they are open to ideas, sensitive to the dignity of his followers, and be wise when making decisions.

51. Failure should be our teacher, not our gravediggers. failure to challenge us a new level of achievement, rather than drawing us into keputusaasaan.
52. Our endurance levels manentukan how long we can survive.
53. Dare you take the first step and open yourself to experience things that are unexpected?
54. Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.
55. Face a very fundamental problem, and throw away a trivial matter.
56. Kesukseskan opportunities will always increase with more and more of our efforts.
57. Success starts with dreams, influenced by the perception, and embodied by the action.
58. All problems always or not at all, have a way out. if there is, look up to. kalu no, no nothing.
59. What happened was not so major. more important is how to receive and process them.
60. Nothing is impossible if you focus all your attention to the strengths and abilities.
61. Life is a work that you create yourself
62. Use your sense of fear to help you be more creative.
63. A masalh will be a problem if you membiarkanya so you can change the problem into an opportunity.
64. A job well done will leave a deep satisfaction.
65. Happiness does not come just like that. no one is blessed with happiness. we must find our own happiness, we think melauli attitude and our willingness to give thanks.
66. We have the advantages of each. So, do not ever shrink ourselves, for others will necessarily discourage us.
67. Avoid hanging out with people who self mengasihiani and many complained.
68. To be happy, we must keep a constant meOrang insert ourselves into, positive thinking about our deeds and accomplishments.
69. Pessimistic people often think of things that are not good, and it usually then it happens.
70. If we believe that a goal can be achieved soon, there will be a major force us to goal memdorong it happen.
71. More important than the start is where we will go.
72. Many people share senag recalling the bitter events and failures. they will never be happy.
73. Many people like the mango trees in pots. The root of confidence upside down by bending and negative self-image of their own.
74. Positive mindset is like vitamins and health foods for mental and soul. Positive mindset can bring you through the days that bad.
75. Piker negative pattern was to be toxic to us. every opportunity for happiness can be destroyed by the pattern of negative piker. Piker negative patterns can make us sick both body and emotions.
76. You alone determine your attitude, not a boss, parent, or anyone else. Is the ruler of your soul and your mind.
77. Opportunity not merely something to be sought, captured, let alone seen. We must create opportunities. Problem, would you to do something more.
78. Find someone who has no ideals, then we find someone who does not know the direction of his life.
79. All great men are penghayal. they saw something underneath the fog. Some of us let the fantasy of death, Part membinanya and moved again to memujudkannya. Which includes you.
80. Be not content to determined to do better, but it's better, but also quite pleased to be able to give thanks.
81. Once you have Set goals, keep thinking positive and active moves towards it.
82. No one pemenangpun who never lost. No one ever cheerful never disappointed. So when it comes disappointment, hold on a second conviction.
83. Not every day can always be fun and full of success. Sometimes we have to have bad luck. However, if we persist, we will have moments victorious.
84. Stay grounded place when you'll run menghindar.Hitunglah to ten when you run out of power.
85. Hard work is not fun. hard work is hard work, but job satisfaction after the cleaning is something fun.
86. Develop self-control. Do not be a slave to emotion. Those who can mengusai self-discipline are the ones who are among those who succeed.
87. Success does not always come with holding a strong hand, but by playing a weak hand well.
88. It is a strange truth, that negative thoughts produce "bad luck", and generate positive thoughts "Luck".
89. If we are willing to complete a particular task or overcome difficult problems, we build mental muscles to become stronger.
90. Success not only for the genius, happiness is not a guarantee for the pintar.Kekayaan not happen by accident. Hard work, planning is the elements required.
91. God never puts us places that are too small for You to grow. We limit ourselves alone. Whoever you are, Whatever you, do your work with your best ability.
92. Laziness is an obstacle. We often do not want to do something and say, "why should not bother?"
93. Opportunities were scattered everywhere, but only those who prepared the one who can recognize and use them effectively.
94. There is only opportunity at this time. Was passed yesterday.
95. To achieve success requires a willingness to experiment, berekperimen on something new. Try and fail, try and fail ... try and succeed ....
96. Start by using the word "CAN" when you face a job. "CAN NOT" is another word for "not trying"
97. THINK and THANK. Think and thank. sempatkan himself a moment to think about everything that is in you and make you happy, then thank the Lord for all that.
98. There is only 1 in 1,000 people able to develop its full potential for good things. Most just wasting away to spectators. How about you?
99. We can not avoid the responsibility of tomorrow with the dodged responsibility today.
100. People who succeed are those who live among the various errors, and receive compliments.

free application for windows

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Are you tired to buy or renew your license application on your Windows system? The following is a list of 10 applications for free use. In addition, this application does not require cost apapupun and available for free.

1.Advanced SystemCare Free

Helps protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC.

2.Wise Free Registry Cleaner

Help speed up your PC by deleting your registry.


Help optimize your system by cleaning your system. Clearing the browser history, trash files, temporary files and log files.

4.Adobe Reader 9.1

Adobe Reader provides the facility

* Open all PDF documents.
* View, find, sure, mengkolaborasi print and Adobe PDF files.


PDF-Xchange has features such as:

* Add comments and annotations
* Adding a Custom Stamps
* Mark-up pages with text and objects
* Type directly on any PDF page
* Extract text from a PDF page and few more.

6.Open Office 3.0

Open Office, an open sourcer suitable for Windows.

7.AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Protects from viruses and spyware

* Match with Windows XP or higher
* Light weight and less overhead on the OS.

8.Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus

Provide basic protection for your computer from viruses, worms, trojans dangerous

9.Avant Browser

Its main feature is online storage for bookmarks, RSS Feeds, password from the web, and others.

10.avast! Home Edition

The simplest application in terms of use.

* Daily Automatic Updates
* Continuous data protection against all types of malware and spyware
* Available in 30 different languages.

Maintaining Stamina Stay Prima

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stamina is Physical Fitness. Physic meant the physical condition and fitness means compatibility, harmony, and our body's ability to adapt, maintain balance physiology and biochemical processes in the body, including severe stress state of physical labor.

one of the characteristics of stamina is the dynamic or functional. That is, the ability to perform heavy physical work. Therefore, to accomplish these tasks, which required stamina always excellent. Or at least stay healthy despite a little less energy because of fatigue.

Below are some tips to maintain and increase stamina:

1. Regular exercise

Particular type of aerobic exercise is the best medicine to overcome fatigue and increase energy. Aerobic exercise such as cycling, swimming and running will strengthen the heart so that more oxygen supply to the entire body. More oxygen to the organs in the heat longer able to work, thus increasing the efficiency of energy production.

2. Drink more

Less fluid is the cause of fatigue. If the body is dehydrated, the blood thickens. As a result blood flow is slow and takes more time for cells to get oxygen.

3. Eat a little, but often

Eat smaller meals nutritionally balanced, but often. Eating large portions of rich karbihidrat cause blood sugar to rise. This makes more insulin is released the body. This condition will cause too much blood sugar is sent to the muscle cells for storage. This fatigue culprit.

4. Consumption of supplements of vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids

Multivitamin and mineral intake for patients with fatigue. Why? Antioxidant vitamin helps the body neutralize cell damage due to free radical attack. Mineral supporting performance in the liver and kidneys to detoxify the body of work. Omega-3 fatty acids help to work every body cell to run smoothly.

5. Change routine

If the daily activities predictable, change that habit. This can lead to boredom, drains energy culprit. Try to listen to new kinds of music, take a new route to the office, or chat with new people.

6. Give priority

Make a list of the most important things in life, what you want to do. Doing things that do not want to spend energy.

7. Break

Human beings are programmed by the Almighty to move between spending and regenerate energy. This cycle, says Schwartz, lasted for 90-120 minutes, during the time of exhaustion. Istirahatlaaah a few minutes to recover energy.

Power Of Forgiveness

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Power Of Forgiveness

He who can control others is a strong person.
He who can control himself is a great person.

Vitamins Life

Friday, January 8, 2010

Being an entrepreneur must be prepared to hurt. Positive thinking alone is not enough. Justice often does not happen in this world. When the water returned milk tube (good to be evil). When the fence to eat the plants (betrayed by his own friends). When you cheated people close to your own. When your brother treason. When the promise was kept. When we brought the money to run. When you are framed in jail. What response meets these demands? That is the reality that often we face, let alone the world entrepreneurs. 'positive thinking that all was not going to happen is impossible, it became even hurt when it happened. prepare an umbrella before the rain, before the pain medications available. Because it is a fact of life. Fortunately there is still justice in life.

"All successful people have experienced difficulties and failures in achieving success. Betrayed, lied to, Set up is a tough time a businessman. Successful people are those who deal with it as a Vitamin of Life.

human reflection

Thursday, January 7, 2010

oh man ..
we as humans are equal
it's just that God gives different trials
LACK one created for us
why do we laugh at the lack of it?
If you have a heart, you know who is ..
because maybe, God gives more degrees,
to every man who will patiently endure and cons ..
and it is very possible, if ...
MORE appointed rank them by God
MORE than we are given everything!
perfect health, provision of halal, orang2 those we love ..
why do you not like HUMAN HUMAN?
we should not discriminate distinguish
because we are all the same
any form of difference
we will always be the same
because we are created by ONE ALMIGHTY CREATOR

success starts from Zero

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stories of prophets, of course, has often we hear and small disemasa memorized, but, success stories of entrepreneurs and Enterpreneurship inspirer, who can dredge millions, even hundreds of millions of dollars per day of course we rarely hear ..

Below are some success stories, which may provide a success story for us all .. And open our eyes and tried to get up!

One of them is Susi Pudjiastuti, portraits of successful women entrepreneurs with no formal education channels. Feeling the school could not accommodate his wish, Susi Pudjiastuti chose to drop out during grade school and worked at the fish auction in Pangandaran, West Java. This option, it can take destiny into multi-skipper fish exports billions of dollars per month and the owner of Susi Air airline with 12 aircraft Cessna Grand Caravan, only with initial capital of 750 thousand dollars.

In 2000, Susi makes a new breakthrough field of transportation of fish, namely the plane to accelerate the transport of fresh fish. Strong determination to become entrepreneurs are also descend Budiyanto Darmastono mind. Accounting D3 GMU graduates who comes from a family of this teacher, not satisfied to work as employees in accounting, with the income which he said "only so-so only".

Together with his wife, continued to think hard Budiyanto looking for a suitable business and can do both. Pithy idea was dropped in mind when he realized, that the courier business is very potential. Companies in the field of courier service businesses are still few and mostly done manually.

Capitalize 24 million of the money borrowed brother and his friend, Budiyanto rented a house rented to serve as office named PT. NCS. Brilliant idea when it was relying on computers to speed up the 2nd database and reporting systems. "When I saw the number of courier companies, still using manual systems. So I think that the computerized system would be faster, accurate and trusted clients "said Budiyanto.
Today, thanks to hard work and commitment to maintain the trust of clients, PT. NCS has 3000 employees spread across Indonesia with a turnover of about 9 billion dollars per month.

While the decision to not follow the line "mainstream" scholars today, namely the college selulus employees, encouraging four companions from Yogyakarta choosing entrepreneurship. Eko Yulianto, Fath Muhammad Aulia, Asyari Tamimi and Febri Triyanto not be shy start a business selling fried cassava sticks. Capitalize a yellow-red wagon branded Tela-tela, four of them able to attract consumers who loved fried snacks.

Their obsession with cassava elevated to "my level" with snacks imports, also encouraged a reason to empower the farmers with cassava. Experience running pushing carts, carrying a pan of cooking oil because Satpol chased PP first time selling, not discourage them. In just 2 years, approximately 1200 Tela-tela outlets across Indonesia, has given turnover for this trio 4 billion per month 2-3.

Starting at skateboarding hobby, encourage Rizky Yanuar and 2 friends made their own t-shirts, jackets and accessories skateboard nuanced in 1998. Capitalize money venture for 200 thousand dollars, three of them producing patterned jackets and shirts skateboard.

Activities that initially only as a hobby, it continues until they graduated from college. Promotion through word of mouth to others skateboard community, developing the distribution channels and ultimately have a special showroom store flagged Ouval Research. Perseverance to survive in a special segment of youth, coupled in terms of design innovation continuously, led to 4 outlets in Bandung and Jakarta, and 100 distributors throughout Indonesia that earnings stream 1-2 billion per month.

Eliminating tips Tired, Weak, & Listless

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tired, weak, and lethargic (3L) is generally caused by the stress of mind and work, so that at the end of the day the body was not eager to do any activity except eating, bathing, and sleeping. If you have this, how can some energy and time to exercise?

Tired, weak, and lethargic (3L) is a sign that the body:

* Less healthy
* Empowerment weak resistance
* Lack of rest

If we look, our daily activities do not generally involve a high calorie burning, so really not much physical activity is happening: sitting in an office all day, meeting, traveling with public transport and private vehicles, eating, and bathing. That's it! Even so little activity that we do, the body can store energy savings in the form of FAT.

Here are tips to remove 3L:

1. Force yourself to exercise, the aim is to use the energy savings deposits so that the body does not enter into the vortex of the threat of degenerative diseases (diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and cancer). According to Mr. Andrie Wongso, takes 21 days to change a bad habit. Now is your turn!
2. Decide and stick to bedtime and wake up consistently. Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of premature aging.
3. Eat more vegetables for the support of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which makes the blood becomes more alkaline than acidic. Acid blood is one cause of the pain body.
4. Eat regularly, 3x a day plus 2 snacks healthy with fruit juice, salad, or low-fat milk. Disordered eating is one of the main causes of stomach ulcers, uncontrolled blood sugar leading to diabetes, and disruption of the entire digestive system.

Successful Ways in Life and Business

Monday, January 4, 2010

for everyone
1. Have a strong confidence: - faith (determination)
- The lack of dependence
- Personality is stable
- Always Optimist.
2. Berorintasi The tasks and results: - Haus Will achievement
- Results Oriented
- Diligent and steadfast
- Having the determination and hard work
and full of spirit
3. Can take the risk of: - Able to deal with risk
- Like the challenge.
4. Having a sense of leadership; - Able to lead
:-Can get along with others
5. Having originality: - Innovative (reformists)
- Creative
- Flexible
- Business Solutions can
6. Having a vision far ahead.

Face failure

Saturday, January 2, 2010

pearl words today

Face failure. Failure is a vitamin for
strengthen and sharpen our intuition and entrepreneurship skills,
for failure is not "deadly". Every effort is always going
have a risk of failure and if what is to happen, be prepared
and face!

Start with little success

Life should start with small successes. Whatever. Any small gains we make, every person must experience a kemenagan.

I love watching her face and a person's life. And there is nothing more than to make a person concerned with a blank face, no purpose, no confidence and no spark of excitement in the light of her eyes and face. Life just became merely postpone defeat says a poet.


No - and No are very hard to say for those who are in a situation like that.

Our lives are full of potential victory and anyone can have it all. Many people do not experience this because they do not know what to achieve and do not know how to reach an achievement for her life.

I recommend to make performance targets are easily used. What's that?

What if I offer this achievement: "Can someone with a good Praise"?

Easy is not it?

But it is very important. If someone understands how to praise people properly, he would like people and will have lots of friends. This is a very important achievement. Achievement that could have a revolution of life and business success, job and person households.

Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and health to the bones. (Prov 16:24)

Praising the good is not licked all the people we met and threw sweet words arbitrarily. Indiscriminate praise can actually make people sick and away from us.

A good compliment at least to start with:

1. Sincerity is based on the love of Jesus. Compliments issued not because we expect a reward for our interests. Giving praise is based on the notion that all people live in stress, hostility, rivalry, jealousy and insecurity that made no confidence that steal the joy of the people we meet.

Big city life and rivalry of life makes people rarely smile and be happy. Well at this siatuasi, desperately needed the people who want to help and give life to the surroundings. And on the basis that we give praise and words are built for those around us.

Essentially because we love them we praise.

One other achievement is not difficult to reach, but no less important in this life is "Contentment management". Regulate the ability of satisfaction, a sense of just about anything our circumstances. His opponent is "never satisfied", "always felt less", and "not happy" with whatever is owned and experienced today.
This is a great achievement because many people whose lives look good from the outside but her inner passion. His mind and his life suffers because they feel as a person who is less than all other people around him.

translated from:

The success formula

Friday, January 1, 2010

As you know that successful people are much less than those are unsuccessful. They are in minority zone. You perhaps wonder why there are only a small amount of people who are categorized as successful.

Perhaps you wonder why many people in this world are not successful. As a proverb says, where there is a result, there is a cause. Those who are successful must have done something that unsuccessful people do not do. There must be differences between them.

The successful people always take action to achieve their desire and goals because they know that without action, all their dreams will be just an imagination. They have big dreams. They will never let everyone block their quest to find success. They are big dreamers but they do not forget planning and taking action towards it.

They also sacrifice everything and pay the price of success, so they deserve the success. No matter how far their dreams seem to be, they just continue and keep going and also carrying on their action until they succeed. They do not stop on their way. Once they start or begin, they will finish it.

The majority (unsuccessful people) knows the price for success, but they are not ready to pay it. They are also afraid of taking action in accomplishing their dreams. They live in their imagination without being able to enjoy their right to be successful. They do not believe that they have the capacity to be successful, they do not believe in themselves.

There is a simple formula of success I am about to tell you, but this is so powerful if you apply it. Once again, action will make all your dreams come true. By taking action, you are ready to get out of your zone to walk in the outside zone to achieve your success. The formula is as simple as A-B-C-D-E.

A : Action

B : Believe

C : Consistent

D : Dreams

E : Enthusiasm

The order of the formula is first you must have DREAMS. Dreams guide you on the right track and make you focus on it. Without them, you will go nowhere, you do not know where you want to go, and you do not know where your last destination is. It is like a sailor do not have compass when sailing.

Then you must BELIEVE that you will achieve success. Without strong belief, you are not going to be in peak performance.

Then you must take ACTION. When you take action, miracles happen. Your dreams are getting nearer and you are getting nearer to them.

The next is you have to be CONSISTENT in your action, make a commitment not to stop until you achieve what you desire. Keep going and fetch your success that is waiting.

And the last is always having ENTHUSIASM in every action. It will make you enjoy while you are completing your journey to success.