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mystery of life

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When I was lulled into a fantasy,...
The morning breeze brought in the beauty.
when I punctured will regret, anxiety bring space dust.

A mystery of life
who do not recognize greatness
Contempt, friendship, brotherhood
And does not reveal itself in the fact
Since he stirred a life without feeling

When it comes,..
Arrange yourself familiar with the image, ideals, dogmas, initiative and

Seize the future with a burning determination
Know God in the glorious inner
Because he is determining human life

My gaze full certainty
Because the mother of missing evidence.

Love and sincerity

Love and sincerity.
Here are two things that give life ..,
And, it is also a decrease in the life of me.

On behalf of lust, selfishness, have I contaminating my own life.
Until my life, out of death, has a soul but do not have the heart.

Teach me oh love ..,
so I know love, so I understand the sincerity
so I can make you happy.

Meaning of Miss

The thunder of my heart subside by itself
the sky becomes brighter
and the air is no longer suffocating

maybe because I have found
Another definition of love
Another meaning is no longer coming from the dating
but from a sense of longing that made me happy

oh miss ..,
you're like a splash of water in the desert
which helps the musyafir thirsty
and I, like the musyafir it ...,

thirsty for miss,
and treated by the sincerity of love.