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Shake the death of the soul

Thursday, May 17, 2012

In a village there lived an old woman teacher of the Koran. He is known for its modesty, gentleness, and patience in teaching the science of religion. However, in terms of the Shari'a, he was known to be honest and disiplin.Artinya he would say A if A and B if B says, although his opinion was contrary to public opinion in general is still common.

He was already uzdur (about 70 years) but still fresh and radiant face afiat organs. Not much to ask where he is, especially for new settlers in the village. People refer to him as Grandma Hajj (pilgrimage because it is), Granny Guru, Ustadzah, Encang Haji, or Encang Guru. His real name is rarely mentioned people. He teaches religion and reading the Koran in his simple nan, in a village on the outskirts of the metropolis.

Teachers Encang known not distinguish anyone. Nor their age. Anyone who wants to take your lessons, are welcome to come to his house on a regular basis on the day and time. It's just reserved for those who want the Koran, must be serious and istiqomah. Can not get to just mess around and try.

In the past, pilgrims teachings are a small congregation. But now, as more people will know her politeness, knowledge, and the nature of the patient, many people are increasingly self glorifying him. A large organization has recorded him as the man who should be respected, honored, and given a place commensurate with the scientific and moral causes.

Well, in the same village there lived a man's head that are contrary to the environment (antagonist). He was much younger (around the 50's) and have a profession that more or less the same, ie tutor. It's just that he tends to be commercial and self-worldly. Let's call him Ustadz Darly

As a simple example, when he will deliver Friday sermons, then he will be picky mosque which could give a big honor. If there is a project of rural / urban villages, it was he who acted as the only person (in the neighborhood) who can submit proposals, disburse funds, and create accountability reports that the reality is different to what dilaporkan.Semuanya under the control of him and his family. All heads beneath the environment, no one slightly and do not know for sure. If the repaired water line so Alhamdulillah, despite an improved 20 m and 100 m were reported. If the environment in the asphalt road to collect dues each house passed Rp 100,000 yes Alhamdulillah, though properly without having to collect dues and properly citizens with a good sealing. A lot of people associated with the village who knows football terjangnya, then they leaked it to the community off the record. So all in silence, but in fact was equally understood.

One day he met with Encang Teacher in front of his house. Conversation ensued,

"... By the way his contract is long what ya soon!"

Darly asking questions intended to poke fun. Said one resident, Darly's the way the character, and cornered like to poke fun at people. It seemed he would not be satisfied if it does not make people be offended or hurt.

Ustadz Darly had heard teasing, Encang Haji just said patiently, perhaps by holding a little heart on his chest wound. His voice and disabar dipelankan-sabarkan.

"Son Haji ... Her name is that age, we can not know ...."

Darly Ustadz hastily interrupting,

"... But I have a long contract Haji Nek ...."

"Well ... his name age, son Haji ga be so. All pre-determined destiny by God .. "

"Yeah, but I still contract longer Haji Nek right?"

Encang Teachers can only hear silence Darly feat that is not to be outdone by ledekannya. If you need to have his chest to revive him, perhaps Encang Haji may already be done. But alas, he was probably advised.

Incidentally Ustadz Darly was with his wife at the time, the behavior is not much different from himself. Suddenly his wife said:

"Who is going to be a widow Haji Nek back soon .."

Darly Ustadz wife did not want to lose joked with death. Haji Encang already Widow. As if she said that her husband was still young and old still lives in her dunia.Tidaklah possible and in turn receive a widow. He cornered Encang pilgrimage to suggest a question "If not Encang Haji who would soon die then who is? '


Two days later, there was a breaking news is not unexpected. Darly cleric reportedly died from complications of appendicitis at a hospital in the metropolis.

Some people took the news casually without enthusiasm, partly surprised that only a few days ago met in a healthy condition, and some gratitude in the hearts of each one.

But there is one man who shook his soul to hear the news. And it was revealed a few days after the period of mourning over and he recounted the incident to the nearest odd. He was the teacher's grandmother.

"To this day my heart was still shaking when considering the incident ...." he said.

Without mentioning why, we can understand and feel the atmosphere of his mind. He did not say anything any word when he ridiculed and marginalized. When they should be honored because he is much older and it is the integrity and scientific baik.Namun he more likely, unwilling servant of Allah that sincere hurt and wounded heart.

Allah SWT has been reluctant menjawabkan questions he answered at that time. Allah SWT has membalaskannya with a fair return.

His heart trembled because His power is so obvious lies before him.

Naudzubillah. May we avoid offending noble-minded servants of God. And may this be the amplifier that we do not need to worry or be afraid to rebuke those who denounce us. Lean everything to Him. Allah SWT has the best response to hambaNya.Wallahua 'lam.