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Without a common thread

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Several years ago I traveled to Yogyakarta. While it is fun-fun finish to the views of the people passing in addition to Smart Park, all of a sudden my stomach like a worm colonized wild. I certainly would not want to immediately find a toilet, hoping for some free toilet that could be where I carry loose.

After walking around, I found no such thing as a toilet too. Finally I decided to do the wandering around the streets nearby-there. Alhamdulillah .... I finally found a Catholic church people who I forgot his name. Between needs and doubts, I finally decided to venture into the church yard.

Incidentally there is an outgoing person. Out of nowhere, which he clearly out of place I had never seen, though not deliberately hidden. With the dialect that I make-up so as not to sound too Ndesa, I asked about the existence of a toilet in it and hope to gave me the most glorious place for the attainment of my intent.

Thank God for the second time, he gently showed me the right way.
"Through the right, then there will be the entrance. Mas just go there, near the door was a toilet. "
And not just smile on my lips but also on the lips of the man that I did not know his name at that time until now.

"What a glorious place," I thought at the time. In recent times the beautiful pengejanan finally I could finish it with the intent that it is difficult diprosentasekan success rate of success. After approaching the verge of completion, I decided to wrap because I am bound by the comrades who mendatagi jogja together.

Out of the scene (the scene), my face was so sumringah like people who do not bear the burden of sin. Some ask about the sphere of my existence had disappeared.

"I think people were kidnapped, said." Said one friend who of course just a mere joke.
"Where there are people who want to kidnap me hooked to eat, he could lose the next world." Answer me blindly, and my friends laughed so heard.

Of course I capture their laughter as happiness which does not require bribes. Laughter truly sincere as sincere men who received me at the church.

Shortly thereafter, we take a trip to the shopping center. Berjejaran many books, but there are things that are so caught my attention when standing near a row of religious books. They are so in harmony despite their different faith. Some of them even contains a discussion of some people in the name of interfaith discussion.

Whim, I opened a book and read its contents. I certainly do not need to say anything and just book it tells how. In addition to so many kinds of content are presented, which clearly I myself have forgotten about what I read.

If some time ago had heard the news about the opposition groups from biker gangs to the religious beliefs, in bookstores, I felt so peaceful to see the contents of different books that face each other and talking to each other with their respective viewpoints. They never argue, but simply pass on appropriate information which they know and understand. No sound of explosions and teasing. Even when I pass them without permission, there is nothing to feel angry at all. Those who are not sensitive or that I do not have manners? Maybe I am crazy. Just like that conclusion.

The last place we visited was Parangtritis which some domestic tourists call it by its acronym Paris. I also wonder, it reminds me of the city of Bandung is known as the Paris Van Java. In my mind the question, "Why not just the so-called Paris Jawane Europe?"

With the mention of-the mention of something that identifies it as a nation have duplication of other countries shows that we are not confident enough to make us as a cultural epicenter. People are more often banging her identity very far from what they already have so often we experience culture shock is to Amnesia.

In fact, if we allow a little time to look for a moment some things very well respected by people in the western world with what we have found a much different understanding of the range. One is when the people we use several types of animals to show things are not as good as calling someone a dog, in the West dogs are very honored. Even a female labrador dog named Genny almost became mayor in Canada if the selection committee to authenticate it to be one candidate. Looks like the owner, Marven Whidden, already felt that he was worthy to become one of the dogs in the city's residents.

So, what does the story just now with the story of my ride defecating on one of the Catholic Church Jogja? I do not really know where the threads. And as always, I will force myself not to blush-story merahkan thread because I am not a carpenter or a tailor screen printing in many Judicial custody slapstick.

Is not it ...?


Monday, July 2, 2012

shut up if you do not understand anything
ask if you want to understand anything
The remaining waste is:
for those who do not understand

must always be friends no means agree
uncertain of the correct
no means always the wrong enemy
... but man;
does not mean anything, if
do not understand humanity

silence is a choice
life is not merely dwell
talk to if your hand stiff
dumb move if your mouth
write if you are able to

Just enter the barrel
if the head of the frozen