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The Male Mind by Peter the Prince Pulpit

Saturday, October 2, 2010

As the men who had married must always be careful with the mind, in the sense of the word can maintain and control the mind.

One of the obligations of a married man is honoring his wife, many men who feel that he has a maximum becomes a man, and serves as a good head of household. Many who do not realize that being a man is not just a man, but must be a real man, the man who maximize the potential.

According to Drs. Edwin Louis Cole, author of Maximize Manhood, the male is a matter of birth, but became a real man is a matter of choice. For learning to be a real man one of them is away from sexual sin. Why stay away? Amain man of faith, will not be able to resist sexual temptation. Moreover, today is the information age, where the internet can easily be learned and in the Internet world is very easy to access things that are related to pornography.

Therefore, the mind must be controlled first. Because the mind of man is very easily tempted by something negative about sex. Only by seeing a woman walking alone, sometimes the mind leads man toward sex. Sexual sin is a sin that affects the potential of man and can make a man far from success.

If in the minds of men are familiar with the problem of pornography, can be sure all the success life support would be easy to fade, both in terms of work and in his home life. With the frequent view pornographic movies, pornographic pictures or committed adultery with another woman, causing the men as perpetrators of abuse against his wife. Because only make the wife as a mere object of sexual desire and most of which occurred during the marital relationship, which is on the mind of man is his sexual fantasies that do not pay attention berakibatkan wife satisfaction.

Sex for women means a day, not just briefly as men do.

Dr. Edwin Louis Cole said, "Today most people do not like to talk about sin, they prefer to call sin as a problem." The increasing divorce cases, other than caused by economic problems, also due to infidelity of men, and this is actually a sin, but people call with problems.

If men want to really become a real man who maximize their potential, as strong as might be able to control his mind. Stay away from all that pornography, in accordance with the law of attraction (Law of Attraction), the more we think about pornography, it will be more and more things about pornography that would be closer to ourselves.

I am as a man can write it because it never had its own adjacent to the sin of sex, which makes my home life was cracked and degenerate business that I run very far away. Development of technology increasingly allows people to cheat, see porn film shamelessly through mobile phones, so that children under 17 years of age were easily seen.

By realizing this, then we as men, from now on must be strong to control the mind. Strength of mind is very powerful and knows no positive or negative. In the past I have experienced, when the mind is often focused on issues of pornography, I easily get a woman only through sms, phone or chat on the internet. Which makes me no attention to his wife and children and my business.

We can not resist sexual appetite, which we can do is stay away. Change the pattern of our subconscious mind with positive things, read books or positive news, do chat with friends into a positive direction, sms or phone with the opposite sex in accordance with the purposes of context. If we as men do not need to change this, we can be sure we will be forever mired in sexual sin.

For decades I have experienced it, and thank God I can stay away little by little sex sin with always train and install my subconscious mind with positive programs.

We must begin to control the mind firmly, not to be enslaved by the mind that actually make us as a man who was not optimal. And this could be a sin is a chain (hereditary), and now, when we already know it, immediately disconnect this chain. Let us be men of God who abstain from fornication.