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Dreams and Hard Work

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Hopes and Business - Dreams and Hard Work

No one ever know what will happen.
Except for a few people who were blessed with a special ability to see predictions.
But it was not absolute.

Because fate can be changed.
God sees our efforts and expectations.
As hard and as tough as what we fight.
Without turning away from Him.
Because He is the most merciful of all the loving.

Because He is the most Respect of all which can be appreciated.
Although there is also the destiny and future that can not be changed, but we both do not know which.
So try it.
^ _ ^

Hoping and trying to make it happen.
Because God likes people who want Tried and hope, and trust in him.
As in the Qur'an in the state;
God will not change the fate of a people unless they themselves are changing it.
Not that people have the power to change, but with the energy and power which God, to hope, trying, and trust, could be a way to change the future.

^ ^
Because not predictable with certainty.

Because not known.
So with the hope and effort and prayer we can paint it.
Creating a path to our own future is not visible.
With the dreams and hard work we can see it.
Or if it does not mean to destroy it.

Every person has goals, dreams, hope, or whatever it's called.
With the power of a person can survive and continue to live with passion.
Have the ability to try and work hard.

If it were lost, much less dependent on the fragile human heart?

Maybe there'll be quiet.
Probably nothing.

Perhaps the dark.
Maybe crowded.

But when he found again his hopes, there will be light.

And realized that everything in his control.

And must never give up hope.
Because a human's sense of his soul, and his life.

If you have ideals,

whatever it
Try to reach it.
Joint prayer.

Because God is with us.

In success,
there was no place for the mentally half.


let's try and pray.

Bob Sadino, A Successful Businessman From The Capital Despite a Zero

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bob Sadino is one person successful entrepreneur who started his business completely from the bottom and not come from entrepreneurial families. Bob entrepreneurship as "destitute", after high school in 1953, he worked at Unilever and then entered the Faculty of Law since carried away by his friends for several months. Then he worked at McLain and Watson Coy, since 1958 over 9 years of traveling in Amsterdam and Hamburg.

After marriage, Bob and his wife decided to stay in Indonesia, and start the inconvenience to live poor, but this time paying his wife. This is because he was principled that in families, men are leaders, and he was determined not to be employees and are under the command of people since then he had worked everything from taxi driver to his car accident and crushed, then coolies building with a salary USD 100 per day.

One day a friend asked her to raise chickens to cope with depression, the chickens he was inspired that they will be if the chicken can stand living alone, can reach the target weight, and egg-laying, of course, any human being can, since that's when he began to entrepreneurship.

At first as a chicken farmer, Bob sold the eggs a few pounds per day with his wife. In one and a half years, she had many relationships that maintain the quality of merchandise, with foreign language ability, he managed to get those customers that many foreigners living in Kemang area, home to Bob at that time. For sell no less he and his wife cursed by the customer even by a chambermaid.

But Bob soon realized she was the reply and the service providers are obliged to give good service, since that's when she experienced a turning point in his life from a feudal to be servant, which he regards as capital extraordinary powers he had ever had.
Bob effort was developed into a supermarket, and then he also sells salt, pepper, so the food.

Mr. Bob finally penetrated into agribusiness, especially horticulture, managing the gardens contain many vegetable consumption of the Japanese and Europeans he also collaborated with farmers in some areas to meet the order.

Bob believes that every step of success is always balanced failure, entrepreneurial journey is not as smooth as people think, he often jumping and somersaults in his efforts. For her money is all these numbers, what is important is the willingness, commitment, and always able to find and take a chance.

Bob concluded that when implementing something our minds develop, the plan need not be fixed and rigid, what is in us is the development of what we have done. The world is too beautiful to be destroyed, only to disappointment because someone does not, achieve something that was planned. Weaknesses of many people is too many thinkers make plans so that he did not immediately go, what matters is action.
Bob's success was not free from ignorance, so he immediately went into the field, after experiencing ups and downs, finally Bob skilled and stuff.