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Failure, Blessing or Disaster?

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The failure has been seen as a curse to be avoided. Reflect the state department Kagagalan difficult, uncomfortable, disappointed, even unbearable pain.

Human nature is to avoid pain or uncomfortable. No one of course, if human nature would prevent a failure. Any human effort made to avoid failure. But why humans ultimately met with failure in life?

After a lot of people read success stories and motivational books, I can only conclude that the failure is KIND OF LOVE DEAR GOD GIVEN TO His people. Without human failure can not learn a lesson in his life.

Even a successful businessman will not achieve success before experiencing failure. This is a fact that many stories published in sukses.Saya people remember the saying; to produce a tough captain who needed a big wave. This adage is suitable as a description of how the failure to obtain required to improve the quality of life.

Failure is the main condition to be successful, but failure can also cause loss of opportunity for success. Often not even human to commit suicide because of failure.

Failure to be a blessing or a disaster depends on how we address the failure. If we want to bounce back after a failure, it would be a blessing that we get. Conversely, if in despair after the failure would be calamity that we get from the failure.

Hopefully helpful, good work, success for you ... ..

Ain't no other man but you

i can feel it from the start,,
Couldn't stand to b apart..
Something about u caught my eye..
Something moved me deep inside,,
I Don't know what u did boy but u had it
and i've been hooked ever since,
I Told my mother,my broTher,my sister n my friends,told the other my lover,,both past n present tense,,
Everytime i see u everything starts making sense,,,

Ain't no other man,,can stand up next to you,,
Ain't no other man,,on the planet does what u do..
U're a kind a guy,a girl finds in a blue moon..
U got soul,,u got class,,
I got style with ur bad ass...

Never thought i'd be allright
Till u came n changed my life..
What was cloudy now it's clear...
U're the light that i needed,
U got what i want boy..
And i want keep on giving it up...

U are there when i'm a mEss
Talk me down from every ledge..
Give me strength,,boy u're the best,,
u're the only one who's ever pass every test....

Learning HTML Programming

Monday, February 22, 2010

HTML stands for hipertext markup language. This language consists of rules tagdan that allows you to make dokumens hipertext. This web page is a document hipertext.

If you see web pages on the internet, maybe you will think that to make web pages look like that require processing software kataatau sophisticated software and specialized. Though the web pages of the most basic can be made only by using a text editor software only.

Even a simple text editor like notepad in windows to create a webpage dipake. However, notepad is not optimal for editing because it does not have syntax high light facilities.
Thus recommended that you use or install a special software for editing HTML.
In windows you can use notepad + +, while in Linux you can use Bluefish.
Bluefish are also found for the version of Windows by using the emulator.

Healthy Sleep Tips

Friday, February 5, 2010

Danger sleep on her back

According to research conducted by an expert from the Japanese professor for human life, which lasted from the moment of birth until the age of the opportunity to live, found a fact that was the way we sleep over this mistake, the sleeping habits while on his back. Expert's recommendation was that he did not recommend to sleep with that position.

Consider the following quote from Prof. statement. Dr. Kojiro Warthon Kalemaja:

"If you sleep, Let no one on their backs, because sleeping on your back can interfere with your health. Several surveys have been conducted for years have produced an accurate evidence, which will experience symptoms as follows:

1. Difficulty breathing
2. Choking
3. Disturbed digestion
4. Caused death


Avoid sleeping with pliers telen
Read something must focus (hehehe, what to do?).
Telen bolts sleep alone was half modar, let alone sleep with telen pliers
It is advisable to sleep with just telen saliva. This job is easy.

About Love

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

To: Mr Tanto

Tanto a good brother, a frenzied interest in the first moments of love found, it is easy to make two very different person to be one and decided to get together for a lifetime. Only, the length of life as seen by the eye being terkaburkan by love, can be very short.

That's why love is not enough. Love must be the basis of a collective, which could not be the whole srukturnya. There are many things that must be built with a clear logic to make something that begins with this emotional - a happy time together.

It is not enough love, which makes it not a happy time together - but not enough friendship.

Two friends, called friends, because they enjoy being with one another. They became the amplifier for each other; not a bad judge each other, see the goodness of each other, seeking the good for each other.

Mathematics of love is only one, love your partner completely for the happiness dilebihkan by him to you.

There is no perfect person, but perfect love can you wake up.

Start with love, without requiring you to love your spouse first.
So go, Mr. Hartanto. Please keep up the super spirit.